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Latest videos

Tropical beach with dock going out to the water


This is the beginning of a vlog that I began when I left to work on a ship. I will keep it up afterwards as I've added a little sprinkle of what else you can expect afterwards.



Man in golf shirt talking to camera with CIR Realty logo in the background

Importance of a Buying Agent

Realtor tips brought to you by Derek Timmons. He shares his knowledge over social media with video to engage his audience and get his points of real estate across.


Man in suit talking to camera


The vision and purpose of one of Calgary's top real estate marketing companies.



My name is Jordon, and I’m a professional videographer/ photographer having more than 10 years of experience and am based in Calgary, Alberta.


My company Vision & Light Media aims to provide the best videography and photography to the Calgary real estate market, headshot photography to any professionals needing them, event content, online content and even dog portraits.


Whether it’s real estate photography or dog portraits, I love what I do and plan to provide more and improve on every aspect of my business. I can’t wait to talk with you! You can head to my contact page and give me an email, text or call. I can’t wait to to create something with you.

Headshot photo of the owner of vision and light media
An snowy open field with mountains close in the background, all covered in snow. A man in the foreground looks at the view while opening up high backpack
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