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A set for video shooting with light and cameras

Video is more important than ever in our modern world and Vision and Light can provide videography and video editing for weddings, YouTube channels, businesses and so much more. Additionally, if you have footage that needs to be edited into an informative, commercial or entertainment piece, we have you covered. Lastly, if you’re coming from a place outside Calgary, Alberta, we also do online freelancing. I can’t wait to work with you, so please use my contact form and Vision and Light will get back to you as soon as possible. Please enjoy our previous work down below.

ALL videos

Ammolite Miner on the ground look at the camera. Text on image saying Ep1 The Ammolite Mine. We found Dragon Skin!

Ep 1 Ammolite Factory Mine

Hand on a computer mouse with the title everyday humans.

Everyday human Jaimie Stewart

Black background, text saying episode six, Lifou New Caledonia.

My favorite Island

This is the first episode of a 5 part web series I filmed on location in the middle of nowhere Alberta about mining Ammolite, what it is and why it’s extremely valuable.



Years ago, I made a short video about a friend of mine for a video contest, the contest was centred around amazing everyday people and I to this day I love how it turned out.



A vlog style video from a tropical island in the south pacific, this video is the quintessential editing that any YouTube channel should have.


Man on camera, talking to the camera.

Mission and 2018 Initiatives

The mission and initiatives of one of Calgary's top real estate marketing companies in 2018


Man talking to camera


The vision and purpose of one of Calgary's top real estate marketing companies.

Main infront of camera, CIR Realty logo in background

Importance of a Buying Agent

Realtor tips brought to you by Derek Timmons. He shares his knowledge over social media with video to engage his audience and get his points of real estate across.


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